Editors available for work this month are marked with an asterisk. 

Other editors are taking bookings for coming months. Contact them to check their availability.

Tahlia Anderson
Paper Heart Editorial


Tahlia Anderson is an experienced editor with nearly a decade’s experience in illustrated non-fiction. After completing a graduate editing qualification at RMIT, she was managing editor at Thames & Hudson Australia where she worked with galleries, arts organisations, award-winning fashion designers, architects, interior designers and popular children’s authors to produce beautifully illustrated books. She then went on to become the chief copy editor at Country Style magazine and managing editor at Uro Publications, a boutique architecture publisher. Confident in handling all stages of the publication process from commissioning and contracting through to editing, design and print production, Tahlia enjoys nothing more than helping shape and develop projects from outset to completion. Recent clients have included Smith St Book, Pantera Press, the Age and David Jones’ magazine, JONES. As well as editing and project management, Tahlia is also a skilled writer and available for writing services in conjunction with editing.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management (including print management), manuscript assessment, structural editing, copy editing, rewriting, document styling, typesetting, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Illustrated non-fiction – interiors, architecture, fashion, cookery, art and design – children’s fiction and non-fiction, short stories, magazines and travel.

Kim Astill


Kim Astill is an experienced editor with a creative and scientific background. Her goal is to help you bring out the best in your manuscript and give you the confidence and enthusiasm to approach your next draft or submit your manuscript to agents/publishers. Kim also enjoys mentoring, teaching creative writing and running a gifted writers’ program for primary school children. She is a member of the ASA, CBCA and SCBWI, and is passionate about children’s literature. Kim is also a member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessments, structural editing, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Children’s literature (picture books, junior fiction, middle grade and young adult), literary and commercial fiction, family history, self-help, psychology, science.

James Bean


I work with authors – both experienced and new – to develop and ready their work for submission to agents or publishers, or for self-publication. I’ve edited more than 100 fiction and educational titles. For 10 years I was senior editor for an educational publisher, working on a range of projects from young adult fiction to science textbooks. I’ve authored numerous titles, giving me a keen appreciation of the challenges (and satisfaction!) of writing well. I’m a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental (or structural) editing, copy editing, manuscript assessment.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction (middle-grade, YA, adult); memoir and family history; thesis editing.

 Helen Bethune Moore


Helen has more than twenty years’ experience as an editor and a writer, both in-house and as a freelancer. She has worked with ACER, Cambridge University Press, Cengage, Deakin University, Macmillan Education Australia, Melbourne University Press, Oxford University Press and Pearson Education (Australia, UK and Canada). Helen specialises in children’s literacy texts. She project manages and edits award-winning early literacy and primary non-fiction series developed for the Australian, UK, US and Canadian markets. However, she is very happy to consider other genres as she has edited humanities texts at tertiary and secondary levels, memoirs, teacher guides, theses and YA books.

TYPE OF EDITING: Substantive editing, development editing, copy editing, proofreading, writing, rewriting, versioning, fact checking.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Children’s literacy, history, philosophy, politics, theses and YA.

Kat Betts
Element Editing Services


Kat has eight years’ editing experience, and a Diploma and Bachelor in Professional Writing and Editing. She is a professional-level member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), Editors Victoria, and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Kat’s focus is on working with new and experienced self-publishing authors and edits for the Australian, British, and American markets.

TYPE OF EDITING: Line editing, copy editing, developmental editing, substantive editing, content editing, structural editing, manuscript critiques, beta reading, coaching, and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Specialisations in fantasy and science fiction, and generalisation in speculative fiction. Kat also dabbles in women’s literature, middle-grade, YA, and adult.

Dianne Blacklock


Dianne has been editing since 2013, but has had almost twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry. She is a published author of ten novels of commercial women’s fiction, and this gives her a unique perspective on the editing process, having been through it herself. She is now contracted by major Australian publishing houses including HarperCollins, Harlequin and Pan Macmillan, and works with private clients as well, developing and editing their manuscripts for submission, or towards self-publishing. She also regularly runs workshops and courses through Writing NSW.

TYPE OF EDITING: structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript development and assessment, ghost-writing, mentoring.

AREAS OF INTEREST: commercial fiction – all genres, though with a particular specialty in women’s fiction; narrative non-fiction, memoir and history.

Dr Lucie Bland

lucie [at] luciebland.com

Dr Lucie Bland is an academic editor and certified writing coach. Her mission is to help academics get their research published in international journals and books. Armed with a degree in Biology from the University of Oxford and a PhD from Imperial College London, Lucie embarked on her post-doctoral journey in Australia. She soon realized that writing was at the core of being a successful researcher — writing a PhD thesis, papers, and grants. Lucie also edits popular science and popular psychology books, and any topic where evidence is translated into laypeople’s terms. Lucie focuses on helping writers prior to submission to journals and publishers. She offers editing and coaching services as well as writing workshops.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental editing, structural editing, copy editing, writing coaching.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Life and environmental sciences, popular science, popular psychology.

∗ Sabine Borgis


Sabine’s pathway to editing has been eclectic, with a bilingual (German) background, studies in environmental science and, recently, a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing. She spent five years teaching English to adults and providing translation and proofreading services to nature conservation organisations in the Czech Republic, before returning to Tasmania and working for ten years as a Hansard subeditor at the Tasmanian Parliament. She was voluntary subeditor of the Australian Wildlife Society’s magazine for ten years, and has also proofread for Island magazine and the Tasmanian Naturalist. Currently Sabine is working as an editor and proofreader in genres related to the natural world.

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing and proofreading; structural and developmental editing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: General and creative non-fiction in all aspects of natural history, the environment and sustainability; gardening and crafts; fiction with an environmental focus.

Samantha Brennan


Samantha Brennan has more than fifteen years’ experience writing and editing content for Australian publishers, magazines, creative agencies and government. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Media) from Macquarie University, and is a former university journalism lecturer. Her publishing skills span print media as well as digital—she can manage and edit content in a Word document as easily as in a CMS. As an experienced production manager, Samantha is also available for project management opportunities.

TYPE OF EDITING: Content review, line editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Samantha’s non-fiction portfolio is particularly strong in food (she’s a trained recipe editor), health and wellbeing, interiors and women’s lifestyle. She prefers to work on fiction in the following genres: women’s commercial, epic fantasy, paranormal romance, YA fantasy and middle grade fantasy.

∗ Kay Campbell
The Comma Institute


I specialise in art, culture and lifestyle publications, providing a full range of services for galleries, arts organisations, government, publishers, designers and writers. As well as editing scholarly art books, catalogues and published essays, I work on general non-fiction. My expertise extends to cultural policy and planning documents, style guides, marketing material, grant applications and reports. An accomplished proofreader, copy editor and writer, I am also a project manager who can shepherd a publication through all stages from concept development through to printing. Prior to becoming a freelance editor in 2016, I worked for 30 years in senior roles in the visual arts industry in Australia and the United Kingdom.

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing, proofreading, structural editing, project management, copy writing, manuscript assessment and development, conversion into plain English.

AREAS OF INTEREST: General and illustrated non-fiction (art, architecture, design, lifestyle); Strategic Planning, Cultural Policy. Specialist in visual arts (exhibition catalogues, art books, catalogues raisonné).

Sherryl Clark


I have been teaching writing and editing for more than 25 years, mostly in the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. I’ve worked as a freelance editor and mentor since 2013, working directly with authors on their manuscripts. This includes developmental work, structural editing, copy editing and manuscript critiques. After teaching for so many years, I’m very experienced in working with new writers as well as those who are published and may be looking for help with taking their work to the next level. I also write fiction and nonfiction, poetry, children’s and YA books and articles for Medium. I have more than seventy children’s and YA books published. My mentoring work involves editing, development work, goal setting, motivation and discipline. I tailor my programs according to writers’ needs.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental, structural, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction (literary and genre with a particular interest in crime and historical), memoir and life writing, poetry, children’s and YA books (especially picture books).

AJ Collins Writing & Editing Services

LinkedIn AJ Collins

AJ Collins is a professional freelance IPEd accredited editor and RMIT qualified freelance writer. After twenty years working in the corporate sector, AJ started her own freelance editing business in 2012 and is now in high demand, often booked six months in advance. AJ is approachable, understanding of newbie writers’ sensitivities and always passionate about words on the page. AJ helps authors lift their writing to the next level by providing advice on developmental issues such as story, plot and character.

TYPE OF EDITING: Assessments, developmental/structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, formatting.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction: general, YA, fantasy, thriller, spec-fic, romance, drama, action & adventure, mystery. Creative non-fiction: memoir, biography, some self-help.

∗ Sam Cooney


Sam has a variety of experience in the publishing and wider literary industries. He founded the small press Brow Books and ran it for five years, editing most of its titles – many of which found critical acclaim and won major awards. He’s been an editor of print literary journals and of writerly websites, he has taught writing and publishing subjects at universities for several years, and he’s a literary critic for all of Australia’s major newspapers. Sam’s focus is often on working with innovative and boundary-pushing fiction and nonfiction authors, although he also loves working on general and commercial fiction and nonfiction. As a freelance editor he works with established publishing houses, literary agents, and individual authors as private clients.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment, developmental editing, structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, mentoring/career coaching, grant writing/editing, project management (including print management).

AREAS OF INTEREST: Literary fiction (novels, novellas and short fiction), literary non-fiction (essays, experimental, etc), general/commercial fiction and non-fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction, history, biography, current affairs, memoir.

Kerry Davies AE
Kerry Davies Publishing Services


Kerry has more than 35 years’ experience in publishing and communications. She has worked with ABC Books, Australian Geographic, Focus Publishing, Simon & Schuster, UQP, Weldon Owen and Wiley, mainly on non-fiction, memoir and biography, as well as educational publishers and corporate, government and private clients in a wide range of genres, from academic theses to fiction. She is a well-rounded generalist editor. Kerry was manager of Indigenous publisher Magabala Books 1990–95, and also has experience as a journalist and writer. She is an honorary life member of Editors Queensland, a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), and Queensland councillor and chair of IPEd. She is an IPEd Accredited Editor.

TYPE OF EDITING: Substantive editing (including structural work), copy editing, proofreading, developmental editing, writing, rewriting, project management.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction, memoir, history, illustrated, children’s, YA, travel and guidebooks, Indigenous writing in all genres.

Tricia Dearborn


Tricia has over 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry, including as a managing editor, and has run a successful freelance editing business since 2008. Her clients include Australian publishers such as Allen & Unwin, Hachette, Hardie Grant, HarperCollins, NewSouth Publishing and Penguin Random House, as well as government departments and institutions including the Australia Council for the Arts and the Lowy Institute. Tricia also works directly with authors who wish to have their manuscripts assessed, developed or edited before submitting to a publisher or literary agent, or self-publishing. She is a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment and development; structural editing; copy editing; proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Biography and memoir; literary fiction; commercial fiction; narrative non-fiction; general non-fiction; self-help; poetry.

Emma Dobinson


Flying Pants Editing provides manuscript appraisal and editing services for the children’s and education market. Our specialised service is tailored toward creating awesome books for kids, including picture books, tween and YA books, and children’s non-fiction and novelty books. We help writers enhance the magic of their story through manuscript assessments for picture books and novels as well as full structural editing and even idea kicks to beat that writer’s block. With over 30 years of combined experience in the children’s industry, we have a unique understanding of the market and audience. We know what kids and parents want and can help you get the nuances of age and stage right.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript appraisal, structural edit, picture edit.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Picture books, children’s non-fiction, novelty books, tween and YA, including YA romance, fantasy or crime/detective.

Glenda Downing


Glenda has been editing titles for the major Sydney publishers for 20 years. She was managing editor at Simon & Schuster Australia and senior editor for the GHR Press. Her clients include Random House, Murdoch, Pan Macmillan, Momentum, HarperCollins, Pantera Press, WriteLight and writers who are developing their manuscripts.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript development/mentoring, project management, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Young adult and adult fiction; non-fiction – memoir, parenting, lifestyle, Australian history and cooking (illustrated).

Harriet Empey
Harriet Empey Editorial Services

LinkedIn: Harriet Empey

For the past ten years, I have specialised in editing and proofreading for food, travel and lifestyle publications, products and businesses. I particularly enjoy working on magazines and cookbooks. I have edited and proofread hundreds of recipes in my work for magazine publishers and trade non-fiction publishers. As well as being a keen cook who understands cooking terms and techniques, I’m also interested in food provenance and food production. I grew up in Ireland, so I am familiar with both metric and imperial measurements and with British English food terms, which is useful when international recipes require localisation for an Australian audience. I speak excellent French and have a good understanding of French culture, so I also enjoy working on content that contains a lot of French words or references to France. I’m a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing, proofreading, magazine subediting, fact checking.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Food, travel and lifestyle magazines; illustrated non-fiction – cookery, food and wine, French language and culture, travel and tourism, health and wellbeing, homes and gardens, nature, the environment and the countryside.

Rochelle Fernandez


An editor since 2005, Rochelle has edited, proofread and project managed manuscripts of fiction, biography, memoir, cookery and current affairs for major Australian publishers. She has previously been digital editor and Voyager publisher for HarperCollinsPublishers and prior to working in publishing she has edited copy and educational material for the corporate sector.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction and non-fiction for adults, especially romance, cooking, finance and memoir.

Deonie Fiford


Deonie has been working as a freelance and inhouse editor for over 20 years. She has worked as an editor for major publishing companies, such as HarperCollins, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, and Pan Macmillan. She has taught writing workshops for the NSW and Queensland Writers’ Centres and editing courses at Sydney University and James Cook University. She is currently a freelance editor working for trade publishing companies and helping authors develop their manuscripts for publication.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, manuscript development, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction – literary, mass market, speculative fiction (fantasy and science fiction); YA and children’s.

Lauren Finger


I’m a very experienced editor with an excellent reputation in trade publishing in Australia and the UK, in which I have worked since 2001. I have worked in-house for digital publisher Bookouture on commercial fiction, and before that the more traditional houses, Atlantic Books and Allen & Unwin. I have a particular interest in digital publishing. I’m experienced in working with first-time authors through to seasoned writers, journalists, high-profile authors, and celebrities. My job is to make your manuscript the best manuscript it can be. I love what I do, and I’m good at it! I’m communicative and have a dry sense of humour, empathy and imagination. I will work with you to help you take your manuscript where you want it to go – whether that is to a small group of people, or the world.

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing, developmental/structural edits, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Commercial fiction. Particularly: women’s fiction, crime and thriller, historical fiction and romantic comedy.

Gina Flaxman


I have more than 20 years’ editorial and publishing experience. After years as a magazine chief subeditor, I now use my editing, research and publication management skills to work with private clients on a variety of manuscripts. I usually work on fiction and memoir and on non-fiction (mostly health, food and cookbooks), but I’m happy to work in other areas. With my magazine background I’ve had a lot of experience working on highly visual print products and I’m well versed in liaising with writers, graphic designers, food stylists and clients. I can manage an entire publishing project from start to finish, simply give your copy a final polish, or anything in between. I also offer copy editing and proofreading services for corporate documents such as reports and white papers. As a writer, my journalism has appeared in outlets including The Saturday Paper and SBS and my short fiction has been published in Meanjin. I received a Varuna Publisher’s Fellowship for my novel in progress.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessments, structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, project management, corporate documents.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Illustrated and non-illustrated non-fiction (particularly health, food, cookbooks), narrative non-fiction, memoir, literary fiction, commercial fiction, corporate documents.

Sarah JH Fletcher

sjhfletcher [at] gmail [dot] com

[Sarah will be on maternity leave from August 2020.] Sarah has been working in the publishing industry for the past decade and editing since 2007. She began her career inhouse in the children’s and YA division of Random House Australia, moving to Murdoch Books to work on adult titles, then going freelance in 2011. Her clients range from multinational trade publishers to digital-first startups. An advocate for quality digital publishing, Sarah is a well-regarded speaker and industry trainer. She was previously known as Sarah Hazelton.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing; copy editing; proofreading; ebook development and quality assurance.

AREAS OF INTEREST: All fiction for children’s, YA and adult audiences. General non-fiction, especially popular science and law for non-specialists. Digital publishing in theory and practice. Presentations and industry training.

Geneve Flynn


Geneve is a Bram Stoker Award nominated editor. She was assistant editor for Relics, Wrecks & Ruins, a speculative fiction anthology which features bestselling authors such as Neil Gaiman, Ken Liu, Juliet Marillier, Garth Nix and Angela Slatter. She is a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors, and co-facilitates creative writing workshops with Brisbane Writers’ Workshop. She has been a submissions reader for the Aurealis magazine and a judge for the Australian Shadows Awards. Her horror short fiction has appeared in both Australian and international markets.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment, structural editing, line editing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and horror), mystery/thriller, middle-grade fiction, YA fiction.

Scott Forbes


Scott began his career in the late 1980s as an editor at HarperCollins UK then became a senior editor at Larousse. On moving to Australia he worked at HarperCollins and Weldon Owen before setting up a publishing services business. His clients include HarperCollins, Murdoch Books, Lonely Planet, Hardie Grant, Reader’s Digest and UNSW Press. Scott was also a course convenor on the Macquarie University Postgraduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing, and has written and contributed to a wide range of non-fiction books.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management, concept development, structural editing, copy editing, writing (travel, reference and children’s non-fiction), proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Biography, memoir, travel, history, natural history, art, science, sport, children’s non-fiction.

Simone Ford


Simone has been working in the publishing industry for more than twenty-five years. She was an editor at Allen & Unwin and Pan Macmillan before breaking out into the freelance world over a decade ago. Since then she has worked for many leading publishers, including Allen & Unwin, HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Hardie Grant, Ventura Press, Hachette and ABC Books. She also loves helping private clients develop their writing for submission or self-publication. In addition to her work in trade publishing, Simone has extensive experience in academic, corporate and website editing. She has been a judge for the HarperCollins Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development and is a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing, structural editing, proofreading, project management, manuscript assessment.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Young adult, fiction (literary, commercial, fantasy, science fiction), children’s, sport, memoir, history, narrative non-fiction, science, craft and cooking.

∗ Jessica Friedmann


An experienced magazine and journal editor, Jessica has worked at Dumbo FeatherGoing Down Swinginga cloth-covered button and Farrago, well as for clients such as Angostura Bitters and the Lonely Planet. She is currently Publications Manager at Australian Poetry, and has a strong love of poetry, fiction and literary non-fiction in all its forms. Having worked across all aspects of print production, Jessica is able to shepherd a publication through its entire life cycle, from concept and design through to printing and distribution. She is available for copywriting and basic typesetting where it complements required editorial work.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management, structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, plain English rewriting, corporate communications.

AREAS OF INTEREST: General and literary fiction, poetry, short story, general and literary non-fiction, YA, essay, illustrated, memoir, travel, art and photography, design.

Jess Gately


Jess Gately is a Perth-based freelance fiction editor specialising in science fiction and fantasy. She was a judge for the 2019 and 2020 Aurealis Awards and her master’s thesis explored the process of editing a manuscript that utilises fictional languages. She is the President of Editors WA, a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors. Her work with Underground Writers has given her extensive experience working with emerging writers.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment, structural editing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction, YA, speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy.

Kate Goldsworthy


Kate has been working on trade books since 2010. As a freelance editor, she has worked for Allen & Unwin, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Black Inc., Text Publishing, Affirm Press and Echo Publishing. She has also worked full-time as an in-house editor at Black Inc. and Affirm Press. In 2015 and 2016 she mentored authors at Varuna. She has a diploma in Professional Writing & Editing from RMIT.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment and author mentoring.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Memoir, literary fiction, commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, history, biography, current affairs, essays, politics, short stories and young adult fiction.

Elena Gomez


Elena has a decade of experience in publishing, and eight years’ experience as an editor, most recently as deputy managing editor. She has worked in house for Murdoch Books, Text Publishing and Penguin Random House Australia. She has also edited for cultural organisations such as Sydney Living Museums. Elena enjoys editing and developing manuscripts in a wide variety of genres. As a published poet, she is also available to work with poetry manuscripts. She enjoys working with first-time and experienced writers.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, line editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Commercial fiction (including romance and crime); literary fiction; memoir; general non-fiction; essays; poetry.

Lesley Halm

LinkedIn: Lesley Halm

Lesley is a highly skilled freelance editor, with major clients including Text Publishing, Affirm, Scribe Publications, UQP, and UTAS’s School of Humanities. She has over nine years’ experience working in diverse publishing environments, including trade publishing, lit journals, and digital environments. Before working in-house as an editor with Scribe for four years, she was the online editor for Island magazine, special editor for the Review of Australian Fiction, and bookseller for Fullers Bookshop. With an Arts and Fine Arts degree, and a postgrad qualification in Editing and Publishing, she was also a judge for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers for four years, and co-founder of emerging writers’ group Twitch, auspiced by the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre. A published writer, Lesley is extremely passionate about the art of writing (and reading) and has a particular love of finding and developing great narratives, both in fiction and nonfiction and across a broad range of genres.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural development, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment/evaluation, MS styling and localisation, transcribing, blurb and copy writing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction — literary and mass-market, but with a particular interest in speculative/dystopian fiction, science fiction, horror, alt fiction (yes, she still believes it’s a valid category) and children’s fiction and picture books. Nonfiction — memoir, science, history, art, food, and humour. Lesley also loves working with graphic novels, comics, zines, poetry, journals, and illustrated works. Or napkin scribbles.

Sonja Heijn


Sonja has worked in publishing for ten years, beginning in-house at Scribe Publications in Melbourne after completing a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Nowadays she edits, proofreads and writes copy from home in Newcastle NSW for a range of private clients and trade publishers including Allen & Unwin, Black Inc, DK, Hardie Grant, Penguin and UQP

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading; also copywriting and manuscript assessment.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction, narrative non-fiction, children’s, YA, cookery, gardening, science, current affairs, history.

Denise Holden AE
Central Writing & Editing Services


Denise specialises in technical, business, government and academic editing. Since establishing Central Writing & Editing Services in 2006 she has completed projects for local councils, state and federal government departments, universities in NSW and WA, companies in the ASX Top 200, as well as smaller businesses. Prior to this Denise held senior corporate and consulting roles  in marketing, media and research in which she was responsible for writing and editing proposals, reports, presentations and competitive tenders; and developing staff training programs. She also has expertise in compiling and analysing data, statistics and research. Denise’s undergraduate degree was in commerce with a major in statistics. She followed this with a master’s degree in writing incorporating a graduate certificate in editing and publishing. She has completed professional development courses through the NSW Writers’ Centre and Society of Editors (NSW) and was accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) in 2011.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, technical editing, plain English rewriting, formatting.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Business, corporate, government, technical, scientific, academic, theses, non-fiction.

Joanne Holliman


Joanne has nearly three decades of publishing experience. She has worked as an editor, project manager, researcher and writer on a broad range of publications for trade and custom publishers (both in-house and as a freelancer), cultural organisations, government agencies, educational institutions and business enterprises. She has been employed by all the major publishing houses – Allen & Unwin, MUP, UQP, NewSouth, Pan Macmillan, Hachette, New Holland, among them – and has worked closely with first-time as well as experienced authors. As a highly skilled structural and copy editor, she can assist you to take your idea through all the stages of production through to finish product, or work with you on just one stage of that process, as well as provide advice on what next. With Joanne, you will be in safe hands.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural and copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment and development, writing and researching, and project management.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Narrative and general non-fiction, illustrated books, academic titles, fiction – almost anything.

Claire Kelly AE

LinkedIn Claire Kelly

Claire is a qualified accredited editor. She was an in-house editor for Thames & Hudson, where she worked on illustrated nonfiction and children’s titles, with responsibilities ranging from editing to project management. As a freelance editor Claire has worked for Affirm Press, Pearson Education, Swinburne University of Technology, Victorian Government departments, not-for-profits and private clients. Claire’s other professional experience includes over ten years in communications, policy and research roles in universities and government bodies in Australia and the UK. Claire has a good working knowledge of both Australian and British style and can edit accordingly. She has a special interest in plain English and document accessibility. Claire became an IPEd-accredited editor in 2018, and she has an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in anthropology from Monash.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management, structural/developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, styling, design and layout, fact checking, rewriting, translating corporate/academic texts into plain English, simple indexing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Non-fiction (commercial and literary), art, design, photography, travel and guidebooks, social sciences, humanities, academic publications, educational publishing, corporate documents, magazines.

Liz Kemp


Liz has worked in the publishing industry for over ten years, most recently as publishing assistant/editor at HarperCollins Children’s and YA department. She has also been a member of the programming team at the State Library of Victoria’s Centre for Youth Literature. Her freelance business includes an audio transcription service for authors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript development and author mentoring, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Young adult, children’s and adult fiction (genre and literary): general non-fiction — memoir, history, etc.

Vanessa Lanaway
red dot scribble editorial services


Vanessa has been an editor since 2003. Prior to commencing her freelance career, she was managing editor of Macmillan Education’s primary library division, overseeing the children’s illustrated non-fiction list. Freelance since 2011, her clients include Allen & Unwin, Hardie Grant Egmont, Penguin, Momentum, Pantera Press, Bounce Books, Hinkler, Macmillan and Oxford University Press.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, briefing illustrators, versioning text between US/UK English.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction and non-fiction for both children and adults, especially YA fiction, children’s non-fiction, romance and cooking.

Portia Lindsay


Portia was proofreader for the 2015 Viva La Novella winners: Formaldehyde by Jane Rawson, The End of Seeing by Christy Collins and Welcome to Orphancorp by Marlee Jane Ward. For years Portia proofread Newswrite, the NSW Writers’ Centre magazine, Seizure magazine and the Seizure website. She also has vast experience writing and copy editing content, grant applications and marketing material for a variety of projects and publications to do with Seizure, Mudgee Readers’ Festival and NSWWC. Portia has worked for the Manuscript Appraisal Agency and manages submissions for Seizure, as well as working as a reviewer and industry insider (in bookshops and NSWWC) for many years.

TYPE OF EDITING: Copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction, memoir, spec fic, romance, short stories, essays, cultural studies.

Martine Lleonart


Martine Lleonart has worked in the book industry for over eighteen years. Before life as a freelancer, Martine worked in-house for Hinkler Books as its managing editor. She spent several years as senior editor of pictorial books, merchandise and general reference books for Lonely Planet Publications. She has also worked as assistant editor and, later, co-editor of Australia’s leading literary magazine, Meanjin. Her clients include trade publishers as well as not-for-profit organisations and individuals. Past clients include Hardie Grant Books, Allen & Unwin, Plum Publications, Lonely Planet Publications and Random House.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment, structural editing, copy editing, project management including briefing and commissioning, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: General reference, illustrated non-fiction, literary fiction, travel, humour, food, gardening and children’s reference.

John Mapps


I’ve been an editor since the 1980s and work on general non-fiction books, as well as corporate and government publications. I’m a generalist, working across a big range of non-fiction genres. My clients include HarperCollins, Allen & Unwin, Pan Macmillan, Murdoch Books, Reader’s Digest, NewSouth Books, Melbourne University Press, Editor Group, ACOSS, as well as private, self-publishing clients.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading; plain English rewrites.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Memoir, biography, current affairs, sport, history (especially military history), politics, gardening, academic works, government reports, corporate documents.

Kylie Mason


Kylie has been a freelance editor for eleven years and has also worked inhouse for HarperCollins and Pan Macmillan. As a freelance editor she has worked with HarperCollins, Penguin, UQP, Random House, Hachette, Allen & Unwin, Momentum, ABC Books and Pantera Press.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment and development.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Literary and commercial fiction, crime, romance, fantasy/science fiction/spec fic, memoir, history, craft and cookery.

Rebecca Millar

Instagram: @bring.your.own.book

Hi, I’m Rebecca Millar – a book editor with over three years’ experience in the commercial publishing industry. Before breaking out on my own, I was an editor at Penguin Random House, where I was privileged to work closely across a wide array of books – including a few Sunday Times bestsellers –  by both household names as well as emerging debut writers. I have formal qualifications from the Publishing Training Centre for both Copy Editing and Proofreading, as well as being trained on the job by some of the best publishers and editors in the business. Before Penguin, I ran the editorial department of a self-publishing company, working with a range of authors on their projects, to make their writing the best it could possibly be, and guiding them through the process of becoming an author. This still remains the best part of my job – getting to work closely with an author, coming to understand their writing and working together to make their manuscript the best it can be.

TYPE OF EDITING: I have expertise in all levels of editing including editorial assessment, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading, across both fiction and non-fiction.

AREAS OF INTEREST: I’m experienced in a wide variety of genres, from the more niche Star Wars and Stranger Things publishing lists to mass-market celebrity and personal memoirs such as Tina Turner’s My Love Story and Sherlock: The Fire Brigade Dog. I also currently work with major romance publisher, Mills and Boon – my not so guilty pleasure. However, my expertise – and personal passion – lies in all things crime and thriller, working on such titles as The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan, Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks and The Kingfisher Secret by Anonymous.

Kathryn Moore
Kat’s Copy

LinkedIn: Kathryn Moore

Kathryn moved from the UK in 2011 and studied professional writing and editing at RMIT in Melbourne, where she now lives. She started a freelance book editing and assessment business in 2014, and since then she has worked for several small publishers and directly with both new and experienced writers. She’s passionate about story and about helping you make your writing the very best it can be.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessments, screenplay assessments.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction of any genre: general, spec-fic, romance, humour, lesbian fiction, crime, thriller, action & adventure, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, horror, YA. Screenplays: any genre.

Rod Morrison


Rod has been in the publishing industry for over 20 years and is a highly experienced editor/publisher. He has worked as commissioning editor at HarperCollins, associate publisher (non-fiction) at Hardie Grant, and Picador publisher at Pan Macmillan. In 2011 he co-founded independent publisher Brio Books. He has extensive experience editing manuscripts in the following genres: memoir, biography, history, true crime, popular science and mathematics, current affairs, politics, sport and travel. He has worked with authors such as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer, Robin Barker, Robert Dessaix, Tara Moss, Emily Maguire, Kim Scott and Carrie Tiffany. He has also mentored writers at UTS and Varuna and currently teaches publishing at the University of Sydney.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, manuscript development, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Non-fiction – memoir, biography, history, true crime, popular science and mathematics, current affairs, politics, sport and travel.

Christine Nagel Literary Services


Christine Nagel is a professional freelance IPEd editor and holds a BA from Deakin University in creative writing and literature. She is a founding member of the Society of Editors, WA. After ten years working in the public and private sectors, Christine started her own freelance editing business in 1993. Since then she has helped authors achieve commercial publication, assisted self-publishing writers, and worked with award-winning writers in developing their writing. Christine offers a supportive, collaborative partnership to help authors bring their writing to the next level. She provides advice on developmental issues such as story, plot and character, as well as polishing manuscripts in the line and copy-editing stages.

TYPE OF EDITING: Assessments, developmental/structural editing, line and copy editing, formatting.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction: general, crime, mystery, erotica, drama. Creative non-fiction: memoir, biography, some self-help.

Alexandra Nahlous


Alexandra Nahlous has twenty years’ editing and publishing experience. She is a specialist developmental/structural and copy editor in narrative non-fiction and fiction, in particular commercial fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, young adult and junior fiction. Having spent 13 years working in-house as a senior editor with Millbank Publications, Lansdowne Publishing and Allen & Unwin, and as a fiction publisher with Pan Macmillan Australia, she decided to freelance in 2013. In 2009 Alex won the 2009–2010 Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship, Australia’s most prestigious arts award for editors. She spent three months in New York working with publishers in the area of women’s fiction, which is her passion. Alex works with major and independent publishers and agents, including Penguin Random House, Allen & Unwin, HarperCollins Publishers, Harlequin Enterprises and Scholastic Australia. She also works directly with authors to assess, develop and edit manuscripts. The published authors she has worked with include Liane Moriarty, Christos Tsiolkas, C.S. Pacat, Malcolm Knox, Tony Park, Valerie Parv, Kaye Dobbie and Cathryn Hein. The self-published authors she has worked with include Helen Scheuerer, Phil Philips, Sarah Begg and Gregory James.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental/structural, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction – including literary, women’s fiction, romance, crime, thriller, action/adventure and young adult – and narrative non-fiction.

Abigail Nathan
Bothersome Words Editing & Writing Services


Abigail has a background in copywriting, magazine sub-editing and legal editing, and has been a freelance editor for more than eight years. She works with various Australian publishing houses, including HarperCollins, Random House, Hachette, Pearson and LexisNexis, as well as Etopia Press in the US, and also works regularly with emerging and self-publishing writers. Abigail is the managing director of Bothersome Words Editing & Writing Services and blogs about editing, writing and reading at https://www.bothersomewords.com/blog. She is the website coordinator for the Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. and has co-presented workshops on social media and marketing for freelancers.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment and development; structural editing; copy editing; proofreading; plain English rewriting.

AREAS OF INTEREST: commercial fiction, crime, romance (including erotica), speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and horror), YA and children’s fiction, general non-fiction, memoir, psychology, philosophy, academic and education texts, legal publications.

Kate O’Donnell
Line Creative Services


Kate has been a trade publishing editor since 2006. She has worked with Tara Moss, Jackie French, Sean Williams, Judy Nunn, Lisa Forrest and Will Elliott among others.


AREAS OF INTEREST: Literary fiction, children’s, YA, spec fic, sci-fi, fantasy, romance (any fiction, really).

Bronwyn O’Reilly


I’m the best combination of organised and creative, and am armed with ten years’ international experience in the publishing industry. I’ve worked as an editor for Penguin Random House in Australia and for Bloomsbury in the UK, as well as for the exhibitions team at the breathtaking Natural History Museum in London. I recognise the time, energy and care it takes to write a manuscript and I work closely with my authors to nurture their work and shape their words into the best possible book, one with powerful characters, compelling storylines and meaningful messages. My editing speaks for itself: authors I have had the pleasure of working with have gone on to win the Sisters in Crime Davitt Award, the Griffith University Young Adult Book Award and the EAC Best Exhibition Catalogue Award. Others have been shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award, the Aurealis Award, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and the Indie Book Award. If you’re looking for an editor to help you work on your manuscript until it’s ready for self-publishing or submission, take that leap and contact me. I offer a range of services, from developmental editing to proofreading, as well as an ‘ask an editor’ service for the Big Questions that face every writer.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental/structural editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Children’s books: middle-grade fiction, young adult fiction, children’s non-fiction. Adults’ books: commercial fiction, fantasy, narrative non-fiction, non-professional natural history, popular science.

Nicola O’Shea


Nicola has been working as an editor since the early 1990s. After several years in-house at HarperCollins, she set up her own freelance editing business in 2004. Her clients include Australian publishers such as HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Allen & Unwin, Hachette, as well as authors seeking editorial advice before submitting their manuscript to a literary agent or publisher. She also works with authors who choose to self-publish. Nicola has taught editing at UTS and Sydney University, the Australian Publishers’ Association and the Society of Editors NSW; and has run workshops for writers through Sydney Writers’ Festival and NSW Writers’ Centre.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript development; structural editing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Genre fiction, literary fiction, YA fiction.

Desolie Page
Perfect Pages


My editing career began in 2005 when, as a freelancer, I started working with technical, science and business writers. I developed and presented writing strategy workshops for nonfiction writers, and often helped set up corporate or departmental style sheets. While I shy away from academic editing, I enjoy helping academics and practitioners share their expert knowledge using language that will be easily read and understood both within and outside their field.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing; copy editing; proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Nonfiction, business, corporate, memoir, life stories.

Alexandra Payne


Alexandra has worked as an editor and publisher in trade publishing for more than two decades. She has been employed inhouse at both multinational and independent publishers, including Penguin and Hardie Grant. From 2007 to 2018 she was the Non-fiction Publisher (Trade) at UQP. She now works freelance for both trade publishers and individual authors.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental/structural editing, book doctoring, copy editing, ghost-writing, project management, proofreading, commissioning/scouting, author support and mentoring.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Non-fiction (commercial and literary), narrative non-fiction and illustrated non-fiction. Genres include memoir, biography, personal development, activism, environmental/nature writing, politics, current affairs, sport, mind/body/spirit, health and wellbeing, travel and more.

Vanessa Pellatt Publishing Services


I have worked in publishing since 2003 on a range of material including fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, young adult novels and middle readers, exhibition catalogues and specialist illustrated books. I was a senior editor at Allen & Unwin, Pan Macmillan and the University of Queensland Press, where I was fortunate to work on many award-winning adult titles, such as the Miles Franklin winner Too Much Lip and the Stella Prize shortlisted Stone Sky, Gold Mountain. I also worked on CBCA shortlisted and awarded titles, including YA books Ghost Bird and Because of You and verse novels The Little Wave and Leave Taking.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing and manuscript development, copy editing and proofreading, project management.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction, both literary and genre (especially crime, fantasy and speculative); illustrated books; children’s and YA.

Camha Pham


Camha Pham is an experienced accredited freelance editor (Institute of Professional Editors), with over nine years of experience in the publishing industry. She has worked in-house as a development editor at Oxford University Press and at Margaret River Press. As a freelancer, she has worked on copy editing and proofreading projects for publishers including Hachette, Allen & Unwin, UQP, Hardie Grant, Magabala Books, Wiley and Pearson, among others. She currently sits on the Editorial Board of Portside Review and was previously on the Editorial Board of Margaret River Press. She also works in the industry as a mentor and peer assessor, and has conducted workshops for Sweatshop and the Centre for Stories. She is co-founder of the FNPOC in Publishing Network along with publishing professionals Radhiah Chowdhury and Grace Lucas-Pennington.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing; copy editing; proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: General non-fiction, educational textbooks, fiction, short story collections.

Anne Reilly


25+ years’ experience in publishing industry, predominantly as non-fiction editor with specialisation in life story. Collaborative style.

TYPE OF EDITING: Non-fiction structural editing, copy editing, proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Memoir, biography, current affairs, history, politics, ghost-writing, children’s and YA fiction.

 Tony Ryan


Every text needs an editor, an expert set of eyes to anticipate your audience’s needs and give them no excuse to stop reading. By shepherding writing to publication, I help readers to enjoy books, students to learn from course materials and communities to form around websites. (I can un-dangle a dangling phrase while blindfolded, too!) I love nothing more than the satisfying rhythm of crisp, lucid prose.

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessment, structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, plain English rewriting, professional communications, thesis editing.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Narrative non-fiction, memoir, autobiography, literary fiction, genre fiction.

Samantha Sainsbury


I’m a freelance editor and publishing consultant with almost fifteen years experience in the book industry. I was Managing Editor at Penguin Random House and Senior Editor at Pan Macmillan Australia. I have edited a raft of best-selling and critically acclaimed books and worked with top-tier authors across the trade such as Liane Moriarty, Di Morrissey, Prof Kerryn Phelps, Mia Freedman and Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton. If you are looking to get published or to self-publish, I can help you achieve your goal of producing something special that gets attention.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental/structural, copy editing, mentoring and publishing consulting.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir, health, business, younger readers and YA.

Emma Schwarcz


Emma has been a professional book editor for more than 12 years. She was senior editor at Hardie Grant Books, where she focused mostly on narrative non-fiction and memoir and worked with such authors as Shaun Micallef, Denise Scott, Dave O’Neil, James Halliday, Malcolm Knox and Barry Dickins. Since going freelance in 2010, she has found a greater balance between fiction and non-fiction, editing and proofreading books by J.M. Coetzee, Graeme Simsion, Fiona McIntosh and Angela Savage, among others. Her freelance clients include trade publishers such as Penguin, Text Publishing, Allen & Unwin, Hardie Grant, Random House and MUP, as well as literary journals, and individual writers looking to self-publish or polish their work for submission. She has taught writing at RMIT and has been on the literature panel for Arts Victoria.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, project management.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Narrative non-fiction, memoir, fiction (both literary and commercial), humour, YA fiction.

Deborah Singerman Writing Editing and Proofreading Consultancy

LinkedIn: Deborah Singerman

Deborah’s consultancy builds on her professional and personal experiences in Australia, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Her insatiable curiosity means she still enjoys writing and editing about issues before they become mainstream, contributing to their increasing acceptability. With degrees in economics and sociology (BSc from the London School of Economics and an MA in Australian Studies from the University of New South Wales), she helps creatives, solo authors, SMEs, start-ups, and not-for-profits get their message across to increase appreciation and understanding of their work. She also offers one-to-one collaborative consultations. Her current priorities are how we work and where we work, changing  nature if cities, non-pandemic healthcare and approaches to seniority. Member of Editors NSW, NSW Writers’ Centre, Architecture Association of Australia, War on Wasted Talent, and remote working, self-publishing and inner-west writing meetups.

TYPE OF EDITING: Development, structural and copy mainly for first-time authors covering expert professional stories and commentary, adaptations, commentary and updates of architectural features from 1960s and 1970s. One-to-one collaborative consultations in particular on healthcare. Editing/writing topical LinkedIn posts and articles, an ebook on lesbian marriage, memoir, essays.

AREAS OF INTEREST: City, culture, arts, socioeconomics, humanities,  architecture and design, creativity , sustainability, health and wellbeing and gender and sexuality.

Carly Tenille Slater


Carly began her career in health and education where she coordinated a writers program for academic content. From here she went on to become an in-house editor for a large international publishing company working on many titles from a wide range of subject areas including hospitality, business, management, education, health and trade services. Carly has also worked as a writer and editor for The Locavore Edition and Junkies Magazine, and has been published in a short story collection titled Dining Alone (Wakefield Press), and The Field Guide to NSW Produce (The Field Institute). As a qualified and experienced freelance editor, Carly now works with clients ranging from educational publishers, company directors and cookbook authors to emerging writers.

TYPE OF EDITING: Non-fiction and fiction structural editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Commercial fiction, YA, memoir, craft, cookery, health, business publications, academic and education texts.

 Jane Smith


I have experience in editing picture books, and fiction and non-fiction for adults and children, as well as master’s theses. My clients have included publishers and indie authors. I am also a librarian and a published author, with three books listed for significant literary awards. As an author, I understand what a writer needs from an editor. I treat authors with respect and manuscripts with sensitivity, and I understand the value of close communication. I’ve contributed book reviews to Magpies Magazine and have a sound knowledge of the book industry from the perspective of a writer, reviewer, librarian and editor. I am a professional  member of the Institute of Professional Editors (iPEd).

TYPE OF EDITING: Manuscript assessments, structural editing, copy editing and writing coaching.

AREAS OF INTEREST: History (fiction and non-fiction), general fiction, trade non-fiction and children’s books.

Shel Sweeney
A Worded Life


After working for McGraw-Hill Book Company, Penguin Books and Heinemann, and following time teaching in educational institutions, Shel now works as a freelance editor, mentor and writer. Shel has worked with educational, trade and academic publishers, indie authors, large and small businesses, national and international corporations. Recent: Early author mentoring and development editing – Black Cockatoo by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler, published by Magabala Books, which won an Honorary award in the 2019 Children’s Book Council Awards.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural and copy editing; occasional proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction: picture books, middle grade, YA; non-fiction: creative non-fiction, memoir, history.

Kim Swivel


Kim is a freelance editor and ghost writer with over fifteen years’ industry experience working with the major Sydney publishers. She is also author of the novels Black DiamondsThis Red Earth and A Blue Mile under the name Kim Kelly.

TYPE OF EDITING: Author development/mentorship, and structural advice; copy editing for works contracted to publishers only.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Literary and genre fiction of all kinds, and narrative non-fiction, such as memoir, biography, history.

∗ Peter Symons Writing and Editing

pete1symons [at] yahoo.com.au

Peter Symons has been a freelance editor since 2013, editing everything from an award-winning history to PhDs. He holds an Honours Degree in History from Melbourne University, a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT and a Master’s Degree in Public History from Monash University. He has experience in proofreading, copy editing, structural editing and obtaining copyright permissions. He prides himself in always completing work on time and on budget. He has published short stories in Overland, Island, The Victorian Writer and Pendulum Papers. He has also published a community history. He is a professional member of IPEd and member of the Professional Historians Association, and serves on their Committee of Management.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, layout and copyright permissions.

AREAS OF INTEREST: History, adult and children’s fiction, academia.

Cathie Tasker


Cathie Tasker began her professional life as a librarian, then worked in publishing for many years, creating about 700 books  ‒ at Scholastic, HarperCollins and Koala Books. As an editor and publisher she worked on both popular and award-winning titles, many of which are still in print. She is now in her third career as a creative writing teacher, mostly at the Australian Writers’ Centre. And she is also a freelance structural editor ‒ look at her website to see a list of people she has worked with. Cathie also enjoys judging literary awards ‒ currently for the Aurealis Awards and the CBCA Book of the Year Awards.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, manuscript development, manuscript assessment.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Speculative fiction, genre fiction, children’s & YA fiction.

Russell Thomson
clear communications


Russell qualified as an IPEd accredited editor and is a professional member of Society of Editors NSW. Two decades of experience as proofreader, editor, sub-editor and project manager have seen him work in-house for Scholastic Press, Little Hare Books, ABC Books, POL Corporate Publications, HarperCollinsPublishers and Hardie Grant Egmont and as a freelancer for Deakin University, Murdoch Books, Penguin Random House as well as many projects for government, corporate and private clients. Since March 2014 he has been part-time publications editor for the Reserve Bank of Australia and has proofread Good Reading magazine for over a decade.

TYPE OF EDITING: Extensive experience in all levels of editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Wide ranging – including picture books, YA, general fiction, non-fiction, recipe books, music, memoir, government reports, annual reports – anything to help with clear communication.

Gordana Trifunovic


Gordana has over 13 years’ experience as an editor. She worked inhouse as a managing editor at Hardie Grant Books. She has freelanced for Murdoch Books, Random House, Reader’s Digest, Weldon Owen, ACP, Pacific Publications and IMP. Gordana has worked with authors such as Margaret Fulton, Pete Evans, Greg Malouf, Jane Kennedy, Darcey Bussell, Martyn Thompson, and Jason Grant.

TYPE OF EDITING: Project management, manuscript assessment, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Illustrated non-fiction – interiors, gardening, craft, fashion, photography, cooking, lifestyle, travel and memoir.

Maja Vatrić


Maja has worked in publishing since 2008, beginning in-house at Pearson Australia in Melbourne after completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Editing and Communications) at the University of Melbourne. A freelancer since 2014, she has edited and proofread for a range of publishers including Lonely Planet, Wiley, OUP, Pearson and Cengage. In addition to traditional publishing, she also edits and copywrites marketing content for IT companies and marketing agencies.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Politics, current affairs, history, finance/economics, marketing.

∗ Leanne Wickham
Red Pencil Proofreading and Editing Ltd


With a lifelong passion for the written word, Leanne has made her career around writing. In 2015 she achieved a Diploma of Proofreading and Editing through the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies. She is also a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors. Leanne proofreads and edits work for new and established authors from New Zealand and overseas along with proofreading work for students at universities around New Zealand. She also works with businesses as a freelance proofreader checking their websites, financial reports, case studies and all written work that is being distributed to the public. Leanne is the founder of Red Pencil, which provides high quality editorial services personalised to her clients’ needs.

TYPE OF EDITING: Developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Fiction in all genres for adults, children and YA; non-fiction including self-help, textbooks and cookbooks and all types of business documents.

Marisa Wikramanayake


I have been a freelance editor since 2008 and have edited work for award-winning authors such as Jane Rawson and Amanda Jay and for publishers Hardie Grant, Fremantle Press and Margaret River Press. I also have worked for organisations such as Curtin University and World Vision.

TYPE OF EDITING: Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, mentoring, sensitivity reading.

AREAS OF INTEREST: Academic, fiction (any), non-fiction (any), corporate.